About me

January 2009:

I owe my love of painting to my grandmother who introduced me to oil painting at 16 yrs' old. My art is a reflection of my cultural heritages (African, Italian and Canadian background). I work in commercial photography and I paint as much as I can. If you would like to purchase a painting, visit my Etsy shop, or please contact me at munezaart@live,ca.

January 2011

Karibu! Welcome!  
I've returned to my blog after a long break and recent career change into a less artistic field. This change has made me realize how important creativity is for me. Creativity for the soul - cheesy but true! 
This is my journal to make sure I do what makes me happy. Painting, sewing, cooking, etc..

Thoughts, comments or just to say hello is always appreciated!
Thanks for stopping by!